Can betta fish live together with discus fish?

Discus fish like to live as a group, and they are good tank mates.

Can betta fish live together with discus fish? Discus fish are a perfect companion for betta fish. They become prominent as they grow and occupy more space in the tank. On some occasions, the betta may nibble fins of the discus fish, but overall they will be comfortable sharing space with discus fish.

Can betta fish live together with discus fish?

Keep an eye on the growth of discussed fish.

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What to do if your betta is Chasing discus fish?

Chasing is standard behavior found in fish, and it could cause health problems in the fish chased by other fish. There are many ways you can stop the chasing behavior and make the discus fish develop their territory.

Put the dominating fish aside

Many aquarists face the problem when new fish is introduced to the betta in the tank. In such a situation, you should find the dominating fish in the tank and quarantine the fish for a few days in a separate compartment. 

The betta would start producing stress over the discus fish from the first day and feel they are not part of this region.

It will allow the discus fish to get used to the water condition and territory. Also, the discus fish will develop their territory in the water, making them feel dominating to safeguard their region. 

After a week, bring the betta back from the quarantine facility. The betta no longer chasing the discus fish, and they stay away from them.


Use the plant to create hiding space. Betta gets aggressive when they find other fish looking at their territory, and the plant will reduce the close encounter and put both the fish away from each other.

Also, hiding space will allow the discus fish to hide behind the plant when betta chases them.

Betta generally lives in the water, where it’s fully covered with different kinds of water plants. So when they do not see a plant in the tank, they develop stress. 

The betta would think they are exposed to the preditor and will quickly get killed in the attack. The plant reduces the pressure on betta and makes them calm and relaxed.


Separate their feeding area. Do not allow the betta and discus fish to come to one place during the feeding. The food should be served at the two different places to eat comfortably without bothering each other.

Have betta eat food on one corner and discus fish on opposite corners of the tank to have their food without worrying about the other fish in the tank. 

Betta becomes aggressive when they see other fish-eating their food, and they will start chasing discus fish and push them back.

Partition in the water

The technique of adding partition in the tank could allow the fish to stay away from each other. Use a transparent sheet of acrylic or glass in the center so both the fish can see each other. 

Place the transparent sheet for a few weeks and remove them after that. Fish in the tank will develop the habit of not crossing the line and going to the other side of the area.

They will still believe that a transparent sheet between them will not allow them to go another side. 

Remember that this technique only works for the exiting fish in the tank who have seen and experienced the transparent sheet in the tank. The new fish introduced to the tank may start crossing the line and enter the other fish region.

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What Size Tank is best for bettas with discus fish?

Discus fish proliferate and need a large size tank to swim. Generally, it is recommended to have the giant fish tank vertically and not horizontally if you are willing to house the discus fish in the tank. The betta fish can thrive in a small size tank containing five gallons of water.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with discus fish?

But when it comes to schooling the betta with the discus fish, you should consider the large tank with a minimum of 50 to 60 gallons of water. Also, both the species live in the community, so you cannot have them in a few pairs.

They have to be placed in a minimum group of 4 to 5 fish in the tank. Similarly, the betta should have 4to 5 female fish in the tank to balance the aggression.

Can betta fish eat discus fish food?

Discus fish eats bloodworms, vegetables, and algae. You can also feed them mosquito larval. Bloodworms are rich in protein that fulfills the daily need of the fish. You can mix the live food with the frozen foods to provide varieties in the food content.

On the other hand, Betta loves to eat bloodworms, and Betta generally eats anything that fits in their mouth. 

They will also survive on a vegetable-based diet. Like Discus fish, you should mix their diet with living as well as frozen food. Betta should get the required nutrition from food. Else they fall sick.

Can bettas kill discus fish?

No. Betta may not kill the discus fish in the fight but will have critical damage to the fish. Betta generally attacks the fins of the fish, and they start eating the fish and make the fish vulnerable to attack. 

Can bettas kill discus fish?

Also, the continuous chase by betta could make the discus fish develop anxiety, leading to serious health problems.

How many discus fish can you keep with your betta?

It is advisable to have a group of six fish or more in each community. Focus on balancing the aggression with minimum male and maximum female in each group. 

It means you should have three betta females for each male betta fish, and this will keep the male engaged, and the aquarium would look peaceful.

What temperature do bettas and discus fish need?

Betta and discus fish can live in water temperature, which is mid to upper 80’s. Most tropical fish prefer the water temperature between 74° to 80° F. 

In this case, the betta is a more sturdy fish and can comfortably tolerate the growing temperature.

Can discus fish live with female bettas?

Yes. Discus fish could be a perfect candidate for the betta fish tank. The betta is territorial fish, so they try to push other fish away from their territory, which primarily causes the fight in the fish tank.

When it comes to discus fish, they are calm principally, but they can get aggressive when other fish start attacking them. 

So, in this case, if betta tries to annoy the discus fish, they know how to deal with the betta and push them back. Discus fish would be a perfect companion for the betta.

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