Can betta fish live with Siamese algae eaters?

Siamese algae eaters are community fish. 

Can betta fish live with Siamese algae eaters? Yes. They will live comfortably with betta fish. Please put them in a large aquarium of around 40 gallons of water. Siamese algae eaters and single male betta would be a perfect companion for a tank. 

Can betta fish live with Siamese algae eaters?

You can also house many other Siamese algae eaters and betta in the same tank.

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What to do if your betta is chasing Siamese algae eaters?

The betta could chase siamese algae eaters. Chasing is typical behavior of the betta that is seen with many other fish. There will be some reason behind the chasing. If the betta is chasing female Siamese algae eaters, then they are trying to impress them. 

However, the chasing action could also develop a fight between the Siamese algae eaters and betta. Thus, you should observe their play for a few days and see if there is damage to the fins of the Siamese algae eaters. 

If you detect any sign of health problem or nibble fins of the Siamese algae eaters, immediately remove the betta from the tank and put them in a separate tank.

Aquarists generally train the fish to stay in their territory, and they put the transparent partition in the middle of the tank to teach both the fish not to cross the line. If the chase continues, the Siamese algae eaters could develop health issues and eventually die. 

The practice is adequate to keep two groups of fish separated in the water. The process provides sufficient time for both the species to develop their territory and protect them from invasion.

When none of the fish cross their territory, there will be less chance of having close encounters with each other. There are also some drawbacks of this practice, such as Siamese algae eaters may not reach the other side of the tank where algae may grow faster. 

Siamese eats algae and keep the water clean. If they are restricted from crossing the territory, the other side of the tank would need frequent cleaning.

Chasing of betta could be avoided using the following techniques.

  • Place the plant in the tank to create a natural habit for the fish.
  • Use the decoratives such as rocks, moss balls, gravel, and anything that will generate the hiding space for the fish.
  • Control the temperature and pH level in the tank.
  • The ratio of females to males should be more significant, and it means every male should get at least 3 to 4 female partners. It will keep males in control, and they will spend more time with their partners.
  • The food supply should be on time. Hungry betta could start attacking the Siamese algae eaters if they find no food to eat in the aquarium.
  • Ensure that there is no situation in the aquarium where the betta will develop stress and anxiety. Open space in the tank without any plant and decoration will stress out the betta. When they find their survival is at the steak, the fish will attack the Siamese algae eaters, assuming the Siamese algae eaters are trying to attack them.

What Size Tank is best to betta with Siamese algae eaters?

Ideally, the big enough aquarium to house the two species in the group is sufficient to keep them calm. A tank size of around 30 to 40 gallons of water is recommended for the Siamese algae eaters and betta fish. Both the fish are wanderers, and they like to explore the region.

What Size Tank is best to betta with Siamese algae eaters?

The fish would stay calm when they were offered ample space to swim. Also, the Siamese algae eaters grow more extensively, and they can reach six inches in size. 

The fish live around ten years. Though, to house them more for an extended period, you would need a big tank.

Moreover, the tank size is also determined based on the number of fish in the tank. Siamese algae eaters and betta fish are generally kept in the group. 

Though, you may have to put them in a group of 3 to 4 fish in a group to ensure that they live happily. 

Can betta fish eat Siamese algae eater’s food?

Yes. The Siamese algae eater are mostly survived on the different kinds of algae. Phytoplankton and periphyton are some of the alga types the Siamese algae eater would enjoy. 

In some cases, the Siamese algae eater can also eat the insects. Additionally, they will eat the dead fish found in the aquarium. 

Compared to the Siamese algae eater, the betta prefers eating the algae, but they cannot entirely survive on the algae-based diet. 

Betta needs nutritional food for their development, and thus, you have to provide them with sufficient food that will make them thrive. The insect could also be a part of the betta diet, similar to the Siamese algae eater.

Can betta kill Siamese algae eaters?

Yes. There are possibilities that betta will have a brutal fight with the Siamese algae eaters and kill the fish. Generally, betta gets aggressive when they find the Siamese algae eaters are entering their territory. 

Also, the betta attacks the fish when Siamese algae eaters try to have a close encounter with the female betta. 

The betta fish will try to nibble the fins of the Siamese algae eaters fish.

When the Siamese algae eaters become vulnerable to the swim, the betta will take advantage and start tearing them piece by piece until the Siamese algae eaters die. 

When you are housing the betta with any other fish, you should be aware of the consequences. Betta should be trained to live happily with other fish, making the aquarium hostile to Siamese algae eaters.

How many Siamese algae eaters can you keep with your betta?

It is recommended that you should house at least 5 to 6 Siamese algae eaters in the tank with the betta. When the fish are in the group, the survival rate of the Siamese algae eaters increases, Predators like betta will not bother the school of fish due to fear, and the chances of survival increase. 

How many Siamese algae eaters can you keep with your betta?

A single Siamese algae eater could be an easy target for the betta. 

What temperature do betta and Siamese algae eaters need?

The temperature in the tank should be range between 75 – 79°F. It is advisable to put the fish in the larger tank so the temperature in the tank would stay in the moderated condition. 

Keep the pH level near 6.5 – 7. 

Can Siamese algae eaters live with female bettas?

Yes. Siamese algae eaters could be a perfect candidate for building companionship with the female betta fish. Both are entirely different fish, and they mostly do not bother each other. 

Siamese algae eaters are mostly survived on the algae, which makes the perfect fish clean the tank. The quality of the Siamese algae eaters put them away from the betta fish food. 

So there will be less fight on the food. Provide sufficient hiding space in the tank, and everything will be alright.

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