Why are betta fish sticking head out water?

Generally, betta fish take air from the surface.

Why are betta fish sticking head out water? Some betta fish go more often to the surface to consume oxygen, and the fish would climb up to get the oxygen from the air. When you see betta is spending too much time near the surface to consume the air, this is the sign that the oxygen level in the water has reached significantly low.

Why are betta fish sticking head out water?

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How do you oxygenate betta fish water?

A sufficient amount of oxygen in the fish tank provides the perfect condition for the fish. There are many situations where the oxygen level would drop significantly. Maintaining an appropriate state for the fish is essential; else the fish would have difficulty living underwater.

The habit of consuming oxygen from the air would vary depending on the tank’s condition and the type of betta fish. It is normal behavior, so you do not worry about their activities.

The below methods help in manually increasing the oxygen level in the water.

#01. Change the water

You should conduct the 25% water change every week. Pouring fresh water into the tank provides the right minerals to the aqua life and improves the oxygen level in the water.

Also, while pouring the water into the tank, run it from a bit of height. The water will pick some air while dropping in the tank and increase the oxygen level naturally.

The falling water in the aquarium is possible to achieve in the pond. The waterfall helps the water stay oxygenated in the natural process of the wildlife.

It would be fantastic if you were good at decorating your fish tank and could mimic the waterfall in the tank.

#02. Powerful oxygen pump

Using the powerful oxygen pump is the easiest way to increase the oxygen level in the aquarium. Connect the ordinary pump and connect with the electricity, and you are ready to go. The moving water would add more oxygen, and the habitat will become more joyful for the fish.

#03. Water Cup method

Try this method if you are trying to oxygenate the aquarium water in a remote area where no essential resources are available. Get the clean cup or pitcher. Fill the cup with the aquarium water and pour the water from the height.

While water is falling from the height, it will collect the air and oxygenate the water. Repeat the process a few times until you see the fish move to the bottom and their everyday activities begin.

#04. Add live plants to the tank

The aqua plants consume the carbon and release the oxygen into the water. If you find the water is becoming contaminated, use the plants to clean the water.

The more the plant you have in the aquarium, the more oxygen it will release into the water. The plant also prevents the development of ammonia and other harmful chemicals in the water.

#05. Filtration pump

The water filtration pump releases the bubbles when it throws the water out from the surface hose. The water bubbles capture the air and improve the oxygen level in the water.

So if you find the oxygen level is dropping in the aquarium, increase the filtration power, and let more bubbles develop. The oxygen level will reach a decent status in a few minutes, where the fish can live comfortably.

Why betta fish sits at the top of the tank always?

Betta fish usually like to stay at the top of the water or near the surface. If you put the java moss at the surface, the betta would be happy to stay in the plants. They like to consume air from the surface.

It is pretty standard with the betta fish.

Why betta fish sits at the top of the tank always?

However, it would be best if you also focus on their health condition. The changing water temperature, growing pH level, a salty substance in the water, ammonia, and dropping oxygen level could be some of the reasons betta is spending more time near the surface.

The ordinary habit could be the result of the water condition as well.

Use the digital device to test the water for the growing ammonia and nitrate level in the tank. The betta might be struggling in the water.

An aquarium too small in size could also affect the betta’s health. Lack of filtration and heater in the cold weather would develop anxiety in the betta fish.

Manage the water condition in the aquarium to offer a suitable environment for the betta fish. As soon as you improve the water condition, the fish will start living happily and no longer bother to come to the surface.

How to oxygenation aquarium water without a pump?

The better way to oxygenate the aquarium water is to increase the air contact with the water. Remove the lid and use the mesh to cover the tank so fish do not jump from the fish tank.

How to oxygenation aquarium water without a pump?

The passing air will improve the oxygen level at the surface water, automatically get transferred to the bottom of the water.

Another way is the cup method, where you scoop the small portion of the water and pour the water from the height. The water droplet catches the air while falling into the tank and makes it rich in oxygen.

Plantation in the aquarium also boosts the oxygen level at a significant rate. Add more plants in the water and increase water condition naturally.

Plants are also good at consuming carbon and other chemicals while processing photosynthesis. They will control the water condition and help the fish to live a comfortable life.

Increase the water surface by putting the fish in the large tank. The surface area will allow the water to capture more oxygen from the air. In the small tank, it is hard to get sufficient oxygen.

A large tank is the best to keep the oxygen level in moderated amount and provide the best habitat for the fish.

Some aquarists put the two different groups of fish in the tank. The house themselves in the two different corners of the tank balances the tank’s oxygen level. If you have a small tank, you could find this method helpful and do not want to move to the larger tank.

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